How to fund WebMoney account? Put money on WebMoney fast!
So I registered at WebMoney and already want to start using this payment system to the fullest: pay for goods in online stores, replenish mobile, transfer money to anyone I…

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Blue screen. Check disk or screen of death?
Most likely you have noticed more than once that when the computer crashes at the next boot, a blue screen appears, and there are a lot of obscure English words…

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What needs to be done before reinstalling Windows ?!
1. Just important files If you have ever stored important files (photos, documents, etc.) on disk (C :), then you need to move them to other disks. The same goes…

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Work at Total Commander. File Manager Total Commander

Total Commander is one of the most popular file managers since the distant 90s. Even earlier, this program was called Windows Commander, but under pressure from Windows developers, it was renamed to the name that it has today.

It’s worth saying right away that the Total Commander program is paid. Its price is 34 dollars, but without buying it, we can still use it even after a month, only at each download in a special window the program will ask you to press the number 1, 2 or 3.

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Nero Burning ROM – description, creating a project, recording files.

Nero is incredibly popular, even among novice users. She became widely known after the release of the fifth version. To date, the 12th version of the program has already been released. It’s worth saying right away that it has a friendly interface and great functionality.

Nero is a multimedia software package designed for transcoding videos, copying DVD discs, creating labels for discs, etc. One of the applications that comes with the package is called Nero Burning ROM, which is designed to burn discs. It is the settings of this utility that we will consider in this article.

After installing Nero Burning ROM and the first launch, the program looks like this:

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100 computer tips

Hello friends. Today I will not write huge articles or lessons with dozens of pictures. I just want to give you a lot of short tips that should improve your time at the computer. If you are new to computers or already a user with experience – it does not matter, everyone will find here something useful for themselves. Among so many!

Do you think I can write for you 100 computer tips? And now we will check it.

01. Be vigilant.

02. Do not stay too long at the computer.

03. Clean your PC from debris.

04. Delete files you do not need. Continue reading

How to see a list of installed programs?
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Laptop or computer! What to choose?
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Which processor is installed? How to find out the temperature of the processor?
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How to open ISO, MDF, MDS file
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