Nero Burning ROM - description, creating a project, recording files.
Nero is incredibly popular, even among novice users. She became widely known after the release of the fifth version. To date, the 12th version of the program has already been…

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Sync in Google Chrome (Google Chrome)!
In this article, I would like to touch on the topic of bookmark synchronization. First, I’ll briefly tell you my story of work and torment with bookmarks. About two years…

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Blue screen. Check disk or screen of death?
Most likely you have noticed more than once that when the computer crashes at the next boot, a blue screen appears, and there are a lot of obscure English words…

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How to install two operating systems on one PC

In this article I want to tell how to install two operating systems on one computer. Usually when we buy a computer, we have one hard drive, and it is divided into two logical ones. This is the drive (C 🙂 on which we install the system and the drive (D :), where we store our files: movies, photos, music and more.

We cannot install the second system on the disk (D :), since it will be formatted and all our important data will be deleted, there is already a system on the disk (C :), and although you can install two systems on one partition, I do not recommend you , nothing good will come of it.

All that remains is the din option – to create another logical partition on your hard drive. Here is the answer to the question of how to install two systems. It is necessary to create an additional partition for another system. Continue reading

How to see a list of installed programs?

In this article, we will look at several ways to see a list of installed programs on a computer.

If you have not already reinstalled your system for a long time, then most likely you have already accumulated a lot of programs.

Very often shortcuts to programs that are located on the desktop fly into the trash, but the program itself remains.

It often happens that the program is completely stopped using, why then? It can be deleted!

But in order to delete some programs you need to see a complete list of all programs in general. Let me tell you how you can see a list of installed programs. Continue reading

Why is the video not playing? Fast decision!

Today I want to answer this question: Why is the video not playing !? There can be two versions of events and we’ll consider both right now.

Option 1

You have downloaded a movie or video from the Internet, but these files cannot be played.

Option 2

Video does not play on the Internet when viewed in a browser. For example, VKontakte or in Odnoklassniki.

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Which system to install? Which Windows to choose?
Good day. Today I want to talk with you about which system is better to install on your computer. I must say right away that the article will be focused…


What should be the temperature of the computer and laptop?
Many users, after watching my video lesson “6 reasons why the computer slows down,” ask me about the following question: Is it normal that my computer or laptop has this…


What version of Windows to choose for a netbook?
If you bought yourself a netbook, but the operating system is not installed on it, then, of course, the first question that arises is: what version of Windows should I…


Work at Total Commander. File Manager Total Commander
Total Commander is one of the most popular file managers since the distant 90s. Even earlier, this program was called Windows Commander, but under pressure from Windows developers, it was…