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Why is the video not playing? Fast decision!
Today I want to answer this question: Why is the video not playing !? There can be two versions of events and we’ll consider both right now. Option 1 You…

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Which system to install? Which Windows to choose?
Good day. Today I want to talk with you about which system is better to install on your computer. I must say right away that the article will be focused…

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Sync in Google Chrome (Google Chrome)!
In this article, I would like to touch on the topic of bookmark synchronization. First, I’ll briefly tell you my story of work and torment with bookmarks. About two years…

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How long can I sit at a computer?

Computing has become literally a part of life. Computers and tablets – it’s impossible to imagine a single day when only a couple of minutes were spent in front of the screen. Usually time is calculated in hours.

Everyone knows that from long work at the computer there are various health problems. The article will not affect the “troubles” of the skeleton, muscle tissue, and the gastrointestinal tract. Let us dwell on the field of vision.

Basic rules for working at a computer and how much to sit at a computer?
Safety regulations approved long ago and almost unchanged to this day clearly state:

When working at a computer, it is recommended to take a mandatory break of 10-15 minutes every hour of work.
Every 4 hours, an additional break is arranged, which should last at least 20 minutes. Continue reading

Laptop or computer! What to choose?

Hello! Today I would like to express my opinion regarding computers and laptops. More precisely, I will try to explain what is better than a computer or laptop and in what situations, what is better to buy. There will be no detailed explanations, because hardly anyone wants to read an article on ten pages. I will briefly describe for what purposes it is better to buy a computer, and for what – a laptop.

What to buy a laptop or computer for home?
If you want to buy a “car” for your home, I highly recommend a desktop computer. There is no difference how old you are and what you do, just for home PC is ideal for at least a few reasons:

1. Computer is cheaper than laptop Continue reading

6 Ways to Increase Internet Speed

Believe me or not, but now I’ll tell you a bunch of options on how you can increase the speed of your Internet.

Whether or not these methods are foolish is up to you, but I warn you right away that no one forces you to read this article. But it will be interesting, I promise you!

1. Call your Internet Service Provider

If you have some weak tariff, for example, 10 megabits, then it is clear that the Internet speed will be small. Call your ISP, or go to their office and check how much the tariff will cost 50 megabits, and preferably 100. This is the most proven way to increase the speed of the Internet. I have 80 megabits and I am completely satisfied! Continue reading

Hotkeys on YouTube

Hello dear visitors. Today I would like to write a short article in the form of a note both for myself and for my subscribers. I would like to talk about hot keys, which are very convenient to use when watching a video on YouTube. Thanks to these keys, you can quickly perform various functions: adjust the volume of the clip, open it in full screen, rewind and the like.

Here are the shortcuts on YouTube that I use:
The F key is used to open the video in full screen.

Pressing the ESC key returns the window to its original version, that is, to a small window.
The English K key pauses the video. Pressing again continues playback. Continue reading

What should be the temperature of the computer and laptop?

Many users, after watching my video lesson “6 reasons why the computer slows down,” ask me about the following question: Is it normal that my computer or laptop has this or that temperature? In some cases, the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius sounds in their question, and in some, all 100.

In this lesson, let’s deal with this issue and decide what to do if the temperature is very high.
First of all, let’s figure out how to see the current temperature of the processor, video card and hard drives. For these purposes, I always recommend the AIDA64 program. Download it and install.

After starting the program, we need to open the Computer section, then Sensors.
Here we are interested in the following lines: Continue reading

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Believe me or not, but now I’ll tell you a bunch of options on how you can increase the speed of your Internet. Whether or not these methods are foolish…


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