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Do I need to update the BIOS (BIOS)?
BIOS is a program built into the motherboard. It is stored in a special chip and connects the motherboard and all the components that connect to it. The question of…

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Nero Burning ROM - description, creating a project, recording files.
Nero is incredibly popular, even among novice users. She became widely known after the release of the fifth version. To date, the 12th version of the program has already been…

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Why does the computer not see the USB flash drive? 8 reasons
Sometimes at the most inopportune moment, when it is urgent to remove information from a USB flash drive to a PC, the computer refuses to see the new device. It…

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Blue screen. Check disk or screen of death?

Most likely you have noticed more than once that when the computer crashes at the next boot, a blue screen appears, and there are a lot of obscure English words on it.

Has this happened? Sure yes!

At the sight of such a state of their computer, beginners are usually scared. But this is not always so scary. In this article, we will analyze two types of blue screen and deal with the situation of why they appear and how they can be dangerous.

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In this short article, I would like to tell you how to watch movies online for free! If you have high-speed Internet, then of course you can also download various films quickly from the Web, figuring out how to download via torrent.

But if you are not a fan of downloading and storing the movies you like most on your hard drive, for example, I don’t do that, then in this case you should watch movies online for free and without registration.

Having a fast and stable Internet, watching online movies becomes even more interesting. No need to wait until it is downloaded, found the movie, clicked the play button, and started watching.

On the Web today you can find VERY many services where you can watch movies online for free. Continue reading

How to see a list of installed programs?

In this article, we will look at several ways to see a list of installed programs on a computer.

If you have not already reinstalled your system for a long time, then most likely you have already accumulated a lot of programs.

Very often shortcuts to programs that are located on the desktop fly into the trash, but the program itself remains.

It often happens that the program is completely stopped using, why then? It can be deleted!

But in order to delete some programs you need to see a complete list of all programs in general. Let me tell you how you can see a list of installed programs. Continue reading

How to protect a flash drive from breakage? Tips for repairing flash drives!

It seems to me that the flash drive is one of the most amazing inventions. Thanks to the flash drive, we can carry dozens of films, hundreds of different songs, books and other information. The flash drive is so small that you can lose it even in your pocket!

But sooner or later, many begin to have problems with flash drives. It is buggy, does not read information, or does not write, the computer does not see it, and much more. It will be a shame if on a flash drive important information is stored in a single copy.

Suddenly the flash drive will stop working? Continue reading

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How to see a list of installed programs?
In this article, we will look at several ways to see a list of installed programs on a computer. If you have not already reinstalled your system for a long…


How to fund WebMoney account? Put money on WebMoney fast!
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