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What should be the temperature of the computer and laptop?

Many users, after watching my video lesson “6 reasons why the computer slows down,” ask me about the following question: Is it normal that my computer or laptop has this or that temperature? In some cases, the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius sounds in their question, and in some, all 100.

In this lesson, let’s deal with this issue and decide what to do if the temperature is very high.
First of all, let’s figure out how to see the current temperature of the processor, video card and hard drives. For these purposes, I always recommend the AIDA64 program. Download it and install.

After starting the program, we need to open the Computer section, then Sensors.
Here we are interested in the following lines:

CPU (processor) – 37 degrees.
GP DIODE (video card) – 33 degrees
And what is lower are hard drives. In my case there are 3 of them. Temperature up to 30 degrees.

Recommendations on this topic:
The laptop is very hot, what should I do?
This temperature is idle, that is, when we don’t load the computer very much. To find out what temperature will be under load, you need to go into a modern toy and play for 15 minutes. Then minimize the game window and immediately pay attention to the temperature in AIDA64 (the program, of course, must already be running before entering the game).

Now let’s look at which temperature is normal and which is unacceptable and requires our intervention to solve problems.

CPU temperature
If you do not particularly load a computer or laptop, then the processor temperature should be approximately 40 degrees. Under load, for example, in games or during video processing, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. More than 70 degrees is already overheating and such a temperature will at least cause braking in the system! If you do not solve the problem with cooling, then the processor may fail!

Graphics card temperature
As in the case of the processor with a simple temperature of the video card should be approximately 40 degrees. Under loads, it can become very hot and a temperature of 80 degrees is permissible here. Some gaming graphics cards can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees. What is higher is already overheating!

Hard disk temperature
On a computer, the hard drive must not exceed a temperature of 40 degrees. If this is a laptop, then heating is permissible up to 50 degrees!

What to do at high temperature?
If you notice that the temperature of the components is quite high, then the first thing you need to do is to clean the computer (laptop) from dust, smear fresh thermal grease and, in some cases, add or replace the cooler. For example, it may be that you have a standard cooler on the processor and it does not cool the powerful processor in demanding games so well. In this case, you need to buy good cooling. You may also need an additional cooler in the housing to remove heat!

I have already mentioned that for different components the maximum temperature may vary. Therefore, do not literally believe every my word that was voiced in the description of the maximum temperature for certain types of components. It’s better to visit the official parts sites that you use or read the forums, and I’m sure you will find a lot of useful information there.

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