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Rest for the eyes when working at a computer

Good time Dear visitors. Today I would like to touch upon such a topic as rest for the eyes while working at the computer. The fact is that today the Internet and computer games have entered so many lives so much that we simply forget to take a short break once an hour. This is especially true for fans of online games, when the player can not distract from the computer for several hours.

A sedentary image, it itself negatively affects our health, but when at the same time we “stare” at the monitor for hours, it destroys us even more. No matter how cool or modern the monitor is, it is still the cause of visual impairment. How to give rest to the eyes when working at a computer? After all, most often corny forget about the break and sit at a laptop or computer for three or five hours.

Rest for the eyes

I tried to figure out how to make myself get up from time to time because of the computer and the solution turned out to be pretty simple – you need to use a special program that will notify you every hour that it is time to give your eyes a rest and be distracted for 10 minutes.

I tried different tools, but most of all I liked the program: Eyes Relax. She copes with her main function perfectly – does not let me lose my sense of time, and tells me when to take a break.

The official download address is here:

After downloading and installing the program, we need to run it and perform basic settings.

On the first tab Breaks, you need to set the main time after which you want the program to notify about rest for the eyes (optimally 60 minutes). And in the second field you need to enter the time for a break in seconds (600 seconds is 10 minutes, this option suits me).

You can also click on the Configure button.

And open the Sounds tab. There, either uncheck or lower the volume (they are very loud by default).

Save and go back, click the Minimize button.

All!! Now the program will sit in the notification area, its icon in the form of a human eye. If you hover over it, you will see how much time is left before the break.

As soon as 60 minutes have passed, the program will notify of the beginning of the break and a window will appear at the top of the screen where 600 seconds will be counted:

Get up from your computer right away and give your eyes a rest. The ideal option is if you spend these 10 minutes to good use: you can go to the balcony and look into the distance, you can perform some relaxing exercises for the eyes (you will find a lot of things on the Internet) and so on.

Do not rush to grab a phone, tablet or book. In these 10 minutes, your eyes should really rest. Rest for the eyes when working at a computer A sitting image in front of the monitor affects not only the eyes, but also the whole body, so during the break you can perform a small charge: squat, push up, and so on.

On this article about rest for the eyes at the computer comes to an end. If you have other chips that you use, you can write about them in the comments.

Thank you for reading this article!

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