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What needs to be done before reinstalling Windows ?!
1. Just important files If you have ever stored important files (photos, documents, etc.) on disk (C :), then you need to move them to other disks. The same goes…

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How to come up with a complex password?
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What needs to be done before reinstalling Windows ?!

1. Just important files
If you have ever stored important files (photos, documents, etc.) on disk (C :), then you need to move them to other disks. The same goes for the desktop. From the desktop, you need to move all the files to another place, since everything that lies on it during reinstallation will be deleted !!! In general, we “search” the system drive for important files.

2. Bookmarks from browsers
Almost every user today sits on the Internet using various browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc.). In this case, most often he saves important sites to bookmarks. If you have many of these bookmarks in your browsers, then make a backup copy and save it to a USB flash drive or other drive. After reinstalling Windows and reinstalling the browser, they can be easily restored.

In addition, if you do not want to mess with the backup, you can enable synchronization in the browser. To do this, you will need to register and all bookmarks will be stored in the “cloud”. Thus, it will be possible to access your bookmarks from any device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) and at the same time not be afraid to suddenly delete the browser itself.

3. Save games
If you like computer games, then before reinstalling the system, do not forget to copy all the saves. Usually they are stored on the system drive in the Documents folder. It will be very sad if you went through some kind of game, and then forgot about saving and reinstalling the system. Move the saves to another drive, and after a new installation of the game it remains to put this save in place.

4. Data from other programs
In addition to saving games, data on other programs can be stored on your computer. For example, I learn blind typing in the program “Solo on the keyboard” and there I have my own account. So, I make a backup every time! Otherwise, I will lose all progress if I reinstall Windows.

You may have other programs where some data or settings are stored. Think about it!

5. Internet setup
Go to the official website of the Internet provider and make sure that there is a detailed instruction on how to configure the Internet. You must also have a username and password from your Internet account. You will need this data to configure the Internet in the “newly installed” Windows.

This does not apply to users who have a WIFI router installed at home. You don’t have to configure anything. It will be enough to find your WIFI network and connect to it using your password!

6. Remember the list of programs
Usually on our computer there are several dozen programs. So, in order not to install the program “when I remember”, but to install them all at once, we need to know the list of these programs. Go to Start – Control Panel and open the Uninstall Programs section.

Here you will see all the programs installed on your PC.

You can memorize this list, write it down or take a screenshot of the screen, so it will be much more convenient!

7. Saved passwords
Like bookmarks, passwords can be stored in browsers or other programs. For example, I recently wrote an article about saved passwords in Google Chrome. It turned out that some do not know that your passwords can be stored in this program if you click the Save button when authorizing on sites.

In some cases, when you enter social networks Odnoklassniki or VKontakte, users are automatically provided with a username and password in the browser. Sometimes we ourselves do not remember this password. But if you decide to reinstall Windu, then you must know this data, since after a new installation of Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla, this login and password will not be substituted !!!

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