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How to buy goods in the online store? Shopping!

The Internet has so firmly entered our lives in the last ten years that today you can do almost everything without leaving your home: work, relax, study, chat, play and much more. And of course, you can buy any product in the online store.

This is sad on the one hand, since many people simply turn into “zombies” – they sit at computers for days, play, listen to music, chat about anything and so on, in a word – degradation!

Well, on the other hand, with the right approach, the Internet makes our life easier. Take at least online purchases. That’s what we’re talking about today, since the topic is relevant, and many people dare not start buying various products on the Internet. Most often, they overpay by shopping at their local stores.

The delights of the Internet, of course, do not end there, you can still find people with whom I have not seen for decades and lost contact, you can learn something new through the World Wide Web and much more. We will tell you this in other articles, so be sure to add the site to your bookmarks. And today I will describe to you how to buy absolutely any product in the online store! And at the same time significantly save your money!

How to make purchases in online stores?
How to buy goods in an online store

Buying in an online store is the same operation as in real life. I chose the goods, paid for it, and took it. But there are some nuances here, we don’t want to run into a different scam, and get some fake instead of the promised product, or not get anything at all. Therefore, you need to know some rules.

Just a few rules that will save your money from waste or even from theft by fraudsters.

1. Read reviews

2. Explore shipping and payment methods

3. View prices

I will describe in more detail.

The first rule – Reviews!

When you find the product you need in the online store and decide to buy it, then first read the reviews of this store on the Internet. Today, of course, sites-online stores are rarely come across, where you can run into scammers who give out a “doll” for something, that is, for a product that in general does not exist.

But despite this, if you are interested in any online store, immediately read the reviews of other customers. Enter the following query into the Yandex or Google search engine: “review and here is the name of the store.” If the site exists more than one day, then most likely there should be comments from people who bought something on it. Check this!

So, we learned the first rule: we buy on the Internet only at those stores that have positive reviews!

The second rule is Delivery and Payment!

You should read about the methods of delivery and payment on the website of the online store. Usually on the site at the top or in the menu on the left there is a corresponding link or two. Go and read. I would not recommend making on sites where there is no cash on delivery, that is, the option when we can pay for the goods upon receipt at hand. This is especially true for the first order. If I buy something in the online store, then my first purchase on it should be made cash on delivery and nothing else. I do not make any prepayments.

First I check the store. After all, it may happen that the store has good delivery for free and so on, but after paying for the goods it suddenly turns out that they will send it to us in a week. I don’t like to shop online. I like it more when I made an order and they sent it to me in a maximum of two days, and then I picked it up upon arrival at the post office or the courier brought it.

So, we also learned the second rule: we study delivery options and prices for it, as well as how you can pay for the goods. We make an order if there is cash on delivery.

The third rule is Price!

You need to visit other online stores where there is a product of your choice and compare prices. On the Internet, the prices of almost any product, be it a phone or jeans, can vary greatly. Therefore, “wander” around the shops, look at the prices, I’m sure you can find cheaper. If the differences in a few dollars, or even dozens, do not matter to you, then do not boldly take this rule into account.

There is a wonderful service from Yandex. It is located at On this Market you can pick up any product, choose an online store from a huge list, sort by price, manufacturer and so on. In addition to each product and store you will find a bunch of reviews.

Yandex Market

So, the third rule when making purchases through the Internet – you want to find a product cheaper “wander” in other online stores.

How to buy goods in an online store. Example!
And now let me describe a template by which you can correctly buy goods in an online store:

1. Open the browser and go to Yandex or Google.

2. We enter the request “buy this, that.”

3. Choose an online store.

4. We study the prices of the selected product on other sites.

5. We look for good reviews to the store.

6. We study the methods of delivery and payment.

7. We register on the site and place an order.

8. We are waiting for a call from the manager to confirm the order.

9. We pick up our goods at the post office.

What do they buy online?
Everything is bought on the Internet! Yes, that’s exactly it. On the Internet you can buy, as well as smaller, in the sense of small-sized goods: telephones, tablets, clothes, shoes, wallets, belts, watches, etc., you can also buy more voluminous heavy goods: refrigerators, washing machines, tables, cabinets, toilets, safes and more.

In the second case, the purchase of goods is more relevant for large cities, where there is a branch of an online store. For example, if you live in Kiev or Moscow, then you can buy almost any product and the delivery service will bring it to you, or you can come to their warehouse to inspect the goods, pay and pick them up. Even if it’s a sofa or wardrobe. Moreover, delivery to such non-cheap goods is most often free.

Well, if you live in a small town, then of course you better limit yourself to ordering small goods that weigh not so much, well, for example, up to 30 kilograms. Delivering such goods to you will most likely be by mail or courier service.

I can list some of the goods that I already bought in online stores, and they delivered them to me by mail (in my case, it is courier delivery New mail in Ukraine). So, I bought: a computer, speakers, a vacuum cleaner, a printer, headphones, a phone case, a double boiler, an iron, clothes, shoes, a tablet. This is only part of what I managed to buy over the Internet in a couple of years.

And I advise everyone to start making purchases on the Internet, because it is not only profitable, prices are most often lower than in retail stores, it’s also convenient, there are thousands of products, choose, read reviews, order.

In addition to the price and a large number of goods, you have the opportunity to become the owner of such goods that you could never find in your city, this is especially true for small towns.

And that’s all for today, I hope now you won’t have any questions how to buy goods in an online store and the like.

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