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Which player to install on the computer?

Today, dozens or even hundreds of players have been created to watch movies and listen to music for the Windows system. They are distinguished by design, functionality and other things. But over the months and years of use, a very narrow circle of the coolest players for video and audio has gathered among users.

In this article I will talk about the most popular and naturally the best players that I know about. And you will already have the choice of which player to install on your computer. Immediately I want to make a reservation that I do not urge anyone to use these very programs, I will simply describe what I consider to be the best today.

1. Windows Media Player

This is a standard player that is built into Windows. It is used by a large number of users, especially beginners who are not aware that you can install another player. Using Windows Media Player is quite convenient to watch movies and listen to music.

2. KMPlayer

If you decide to install the player on a computer, then most likely you are interested in something more than a classic Windows player. One of the best is called KMPlayer. Convenient, easy easy! It has in its arsenal a set of codecs, so it easily reproduces a huge number of files.

The official website of the program is located at the following address: http://kmplayer.com. I recommend downloading the latest version! On the developer’s site there is a Download button for this! Version 3.9 at the moment.

Then you can install KMPlayer on your computer.

3. JetAudio

In addition, there is another interesting player called JetAudio. Once I installed this player, and it suited me for several years. It is most convenient for listening to music, since minimizing it the panel is displayed at the bottom of the screen, from where it is convenient to switch songs, change the volume, and so on.

The official download page is here.

4. Aimp

Earlier we examined universal players with which you can both listen to music and watch movies. But Aimp, which we will now examine, is intended only for audio playback.

So, Aimp is widespread among music lovers. In my case, it is more often used to play audio books. Its main convenience is that it remembers the song (chapter) on which I stopped and the next time it starts playing it continues.

In addition, Aimp has bookmarks, so it’s unlikely to lose the track on which it stopped.

The developer’s site is located at: http://www.aimp.ru.

The player is constantly updated, there is a version for Windows and Android, as well as hundreds of different covers, so you can change the design of the program. I recommend!

5. Winamp

Winamp is also very famous among players for playing audio tracks (more in other articles)!

I hope you decide which player to install on your computer! Although you can put everything at once and use it in turn ???

P.S. All of the above programs are absolutely free. There are, of course, paid players, but why spend money when the free versions are no worse, or even better, than paid counterparts!

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