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How to come up with a complex password?

If you decide to come up with a complex password for your mailbox, or for a page on a social network, then I won’t even wonder why this might be needed. Naturally, this procedure will protect against hacking in most cases, and those users who were attacked by crackers are unlikely to want to lose access to their accounts again.

So, to come up with a complex password, you need to understand just a few points:

complex passwords 1. Password must be long

At least 10 characters is ideal for a password. Although, you probably already noticed this, because when registering on sites, most often you can’t create a short password.

2. A complex password contains both letters and numbers

So that crackers could not use your special software to find your password, you need to consider letters in addition to length. When creating a password, be sure to use both numbers and letters of the English alphabet. On some sites, you can still use special characters, such as brackets, dashes, quotation marks. So if possible, then use them too.

3. Do not invent common passwords

Do not use your birthday in the password, or other dates, phone numbers this also applies. Also do not use whole words. Letters and numbers mixed up – perfect.

4. Need password protection

By password protection, I mean some kind of antivirus. After all, no matter how difficult the password was, it can be cracked not by means of selection, but by means of a virus on your computer (spies, trojans, etc.). Of course, I can’t say which antivirus is better, but I recommend installing Avast or any other one in order to protect my PC from most intruders.

5. It’s time to come up with a complex password

I can give an example of complex passwords: NNXFB0qKK6D, g63bRJ7ejtB, F3d) h # H0S4 ^ @, gR ^ eNC7h4C% l and so on. If you have difficulty manually selecting such passwords, then I advise you to use online services with password generators.

One of them can be found at: There you simply specify the parameters for the password (length, numbers) and click “Create Password”. Get the list of generated passwords.

password example

In order to protect yourself as much as possible from theft of passwords, you need to store them not on a computer in notebooks, but in less accessible places, for example, start a special notebook.

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