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How to fund WebMoney account? Put money on WebMoney fast!

So I registered at WebMoney and already want to start using this payment system to the fullest: pay for goods in online stores, replenish mobile, transfer money to anyone I want and much more. But before you do all this, we need to get money in wallets. We’ll talk about how to put money on WebMoney today.

Top up WebMoney account via terminal
In my opinion, the most convenient way to fund your WebMoney account is to use a payment terminal. There are such self-service machines in many places (supermarkets, train stations), and almost everyone used it: replenished a mobile phone, paid utility bills, put money on a credit card, and so on.

In addition, these terminals work with electronic money, and more precisely with Internet payment systems.

Before going to the terminal, go to your account and create a WebMoney wallet, and if you already have one, copy its number. More precisely, write down on a piece of paper or on the phone.

We go to the terminal known to us, we find on the screen the item “Electronic Wallets”, then “WebMoney”. Enter your data: wallet and mobile number. We insert the money into the terminal and click “Pay.” We take the check and go home. By the way, something like this looks like the device we need:

Top up WebMoney account via terminal

Find one in your city.

Naturally, there are ways to fund your WebMoney account without even leaving your home. About it further.

Put money on WebMoney from a mobile phone
You can fund your Ruble WebMoney wallet account by transferring funds from your mobile phone (yours or your friend).

To do this, enter the following information at the address: https://telepay.wmtransfer.com: mobile number, WMR wallet, recharge amount, and confirmation code. After filling, click “Pay.”

Now follow the instructions that will come to your phone. But keep in mind that for this option you will have to pay out about 6% of the commission on the replenishment amount. In the case of the terminal, this also applies, but there is usually less commission (but it happens the same amount).

In addition, you can replenish WebMoney account in a bank, through a money transfer, using a bank card. I described only two ways that most readers will find most convenient. Do you agree? I wrote down the number of my wallets, and on the way to work I ran in replenished 🙂

In fact, there are several dozens of ways to replenish WebMoney account. If you want to see the full list, you can refer to the official site. Here on this page: http://www.webmoney.ru/eng/addfunds/fast/index.shtml, all ways to replenish WebMoney wallet are indicated.

And if you have not had time to install the WebMoney program and get a formal certificate, then do it right now.

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