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How to learn to type quickly on the keyboard? Secret! Blindly print with 10 fingers. Want to?

For more than three years ago, I learned to quickly type on the keyboard with ten fingers without looking at it. And this text is also typed by quick keystrokes. And today I would like to share with you a system that will allow you to learn to type blindly quickly and easily in the coming weeks. 200 – 300 characters per minute, how do you like this result?

The benefits are great. And if you are not one of those who write several articles every day, this does not mean that you should not learn how to quickly print. After all, besides articles there are also regular correspondence, writing letters and much more. Tell me, do you spend at least a couple of hours every day at a computer or laptop? The answer of the majority is obvious. Therefore, now I present to your attention one of the best systems by which you can learn to print blindly.
What do you ask this?

Solo on the keyboard is the best keyboard simulator program that allows you to learn how to quickly type on the keyboard in a short time.

What is a program like?

The program consists of 100 exercises after which you will type with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. How soon you will go through these 100 exercises and master the blind method is up to you. I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve only completed 70 exercises, and now I’m quickly typing. I know the location of all the letters on the keyboard, closing my eyes I can easily type any words.

Where to get the program and start studying?

The official website of this simulator is located at http://ergosolo.ru. Here we immediately need to download the program. There are two options for Solo on the keyboard. One of them is standard – the Russian course, where there is the development of blind typing only for the Russian layout, and the second – Three in one. There will also be lessons on working with numbers and English letters.

Choose the one that suits you best. For example, I will download Solo on the keyboard RUSSIAN COURSE, on the green link on the main page of the site.

On the next page I confirm by clicking “Download the program.”

The program downloads almost instantly, as its size is not large.

Solo installation on the keyboard is standard. The only thing I would like to advise you is to remove unnecessary checkmarks in two windows so that no set programs that we do not need are installed.

Look here:

And in the last window you can leave a check mark responsible for starting the program upon completion.

The program is paid, so we will be asked to enter the key. But despite this, we can try it through about 20 exercises. It is absolutely free. But I’m sure that if you firmly decided to learn how to type quickly and blindly on a keyboard, then you will either buy Solo or find other ways to work it.

Press the button “Demo mode”.

Then “Start.”

Enter the data of the student who will be engaged. In general, at least the whole family can use the program. Just every time you start, you will need to choose your account.

And now the program is launched, where we are greeted by the main developers of the program for the development of printing blindly. Here you need to read everything that the author writes, go down to the bottom and start warming up.

The warm-up is a typing of letters, where you will need to first type the line “aaaa”, then “bbbb” and so on. And so about 10 lines.

And then you start the main hundred exercises, having passed which learn to type blindly with 10 fingers. I advise you to read all the texts before starting each exercise, since there the authors tell you with which finger you need to press certain keys, how easy it is to remember their location, how to easily start typing while looking at the monitor, and much more.

By the way, now when you start the program you will need to choose your account and go through the exercises. And if your relatives (children, mom, dad or someone else) also decide to study in this program, then they will need to create a new account where to indicate their data.


To summarize, I can tell you that in order to learn how to type on the keyboard quickly and without looking at it, it’s enough to install a good simulator, such as Solo and complete all the tasks given in the course.

As for the payment! If you decide to buy Solo on the keyboard, follow this link to the official website: http://ergosolo.ru, select your country, convenient payment method, enter data and follow further instructions. The Russian Course version costs only 600 rubles. If necessary, you can register with WebMoney, then put money into your account and pay in this way. Well, or take advantage of the fact that you will be more convenient.

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