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Why do computers break down? The most common reasons!

You need to monitor your computer and most importantly follow some rules. If you came to this page, then chances are high that you want to know the most common reasons why computers break down! And I won’t be surprised if each of you would like to know how to protect YOUR PC from sudden breakdown!

For impatient readers, I will immediately publish a list of the main reasons why a computer may fail:

overheating of components;
constant voltage drops;
“crooked hands” of the collector;
wear of equipment;
mechanical impact.

According to the author, these 6 reasons most often lead to a computer breakdown (or its individual parts). Below we naturally analyze them in more detail. Go!

1. Overheating of components

Overheating of components on the computer If the cooling system in the system unit is not framed correctly, this can lead to overheating of components. Naturally, from overheating, parts wear out faster, which leads to breakage. Most often, a couple of fans stand in the computer case and cool everything well. But it is worth remembering that all important components (video card, processor, power supply) also have their own fans. They should be paid attention to periodically. So, in order:

CPU. Here it is most important to know and remember that the fan is on the radiator, and the radiator is on the processor. Between the latter, thermal grease is spread (- a paste that transfers heat from the processor to the radiator, and the fan cools it). I hope I did not confuse you :))) If you reread that again.

So, thermal grease dries in about a year and it needs to be changed so that the processor does not overheat. You can find instructions on replacing thermal paste on the Internet, but it is better if your friends or relatives help you once and in the future you will know how to do it.

How to find out the temperature of the processor? — Read this article.

Video card and power supply. These components are also installed on the fan. They constantly work and our task is to prevent their breakdown. The fan, or as it is called correctly, the cooler has been working for several years, after which it needs to be replaced, since its main cooling function is getting worse and worse.

In order to understand how well the components are cooled, you need to install some kind of program. One of these is called AIDA64 (formerly called EVEREST).

Due to overheating of components, the computer may hang, restart, turn off, and produce the so-called blue screen of death. Do not overheat. Keep your PC running stable.

2. Constant voltage drops

Surge Protector for a Computer If you experience frequent power surges in your home, this can greatly shorten the life of your equipment. This is even more true for computers that have a cheap power supply installed. Typically, power supplies are protected against voltage surges, but this most often applies to quality products. It’s no secret that expensive parts will NOT be installed in cheap equipment, and the power supply is no exception.

Regardless of the power supply, I recommend having a good surge protector (as you see in the picture above), in order to eliminate the breakdown of components from power surges. Ideally, you need to buy an uninterrupted unit – a thing that will protect you not only from power surges, but will also allow your computer to work for about half an hour more during a power outage.

3. Thunderstorm

During a thunderstorm, it is dangerous to work not only with a computer, but also with any other equipment. A computer can either completely fail or partially break down. Of course, computers break down due to a thunderstorm extremely rarely, but still, every time they recommend disconnecting the computer and the Internet at this time.

4. “Crooked hands” collector

Replacing old components is common when updating a computer. If you decide to change your old video card, it is important to do it right: by inserting it into the desired slot and without damaging it. Of course, for the pros, it’s just a matter of spitting, but if you come across a “master” with “crooked hands” who has either time to spare or knowledge, then it can do quite good harm.

As statistics are shown, breakdowns from the “crooked hands” of the collector are quite common!

5. Wear technique

A bunch of new equipment comes out monthly, and the one that is on our computers is slowly becoming obsolete and, most sadly, it is wearing out. Components begin to fail and work more slowly, and eventually fail at all. One can only come to terms with this because you can’t do anything already (repair? But is it worth it?).

6. Mechanical impact

The mechanical impact on the computer is worth mentioning here about bumps, falls and other influences. Some sloppy users are guilty of this. Stationary computers rarely fall, but laptops “fly” more often! But this can lead to disconnecting loops, breaking the screen, component failure, and so on!

Be careful with the technique !!!

Why do computers break down? The most common reasons!
You need to monitor your computer and most importantly follow some rules. If you came to this page, then chances are high that you want to know the most common…


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