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How to install the system on a computer or laptop?

Many novice users are interested in the topic of installing the system on their computer. And not surprisingly, after buying a computer today, in a year the system will work much slower, which indicates the upcoming reinstallation. No less rarely can you meet users who pre-buy a computer or laptop with a system not installed on it. Naturally, how to install the system on a computer – this will be their first question.

You should immediately decide on the system. Which install do you want? Most computers are equipped with Windows. I can’t say anything new, and I also recommend this particular system.

Steps to install the system on a computer:
We need a Windows drive
Put in the BIOS boot from disk
Directly installing the OS!
And you can install Windows from a flash drive!
First things first.

We need a Windows drive

In order to install the system on a laptop or desktop PC, we need a Windows disk. This disc can be bought at the store, or ask friends and relatives. Today, computers are in almost every home, and someone must have a Windows disk.

I also have a lesson on the site about how to burn Windows to disk, it will be interesting to those who have a Windows image, and he would like to burn it to an empty disk.

Put in the BIOS boot from disk

If you are a novice computer user, then most likely you are new to them or you don’t even know what BIOS is. There is a lesson on my site on the topic of how to put boot from the disk into the BIOS, read it and there will be fewer questions.

Directly installing the OS

Here, of course, I will not fully describe the process of installing Windows on my computer. The site has long been relevant lessons about:

Install Windows 8
Windows 7
and XP

And you can install Windows from a flash drive!

To install the system on a computer from a USB flash drive, we need to find the Windows image and make the USB drive bootable. Read my lesson: Installing Windows 7 from a USB flash drive. Many users have studied this article and learned how to install the system on their computers and laptops using one tiny USB flash drive.


To summarize, we can say the following: to install the system on a computer or laptop, we need to find the Windows disk, insert it into the drive, set the BIOS to boot from the disk and directly record the system itself. If you have a netbook that does not have a drive, you can create a bootable USB flash drive and install Windows from it. I talked about how this is done using the link above.

By the way, at the moment the most used versions of Windows are XP, 7 and 8. If you still do not know which one suits you better, then read my article which system to install. But here I can only say that most will be suitable for Windows 7.

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