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Why is the video not playing? Fast decision!

Today I want to answer this question: Why is the video not playing !? There can be two versions of events and we’ll consider both right now.

Option 1

You have downloaded a movie or video from the Internet, but these files cannot be played.

Option 2

Video does not play on the Internet when viewed in a browser. For example, VKontakte or in Odnoklassniki.

Option No. 1. Solution

In order to play some videos on the computer, we need a player. By default, Windows Media Player is built into the system, which can work with a large number of formats. But naturally, it doesn’t open everything, so we need to install codecs. What are codecs? This is such a program that can open almost all audio and video formats.

I use it and always recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack. This kit includes both the player itself and the codecs. Having installed this program, practically all films and music will work for you, but now in absolutely any player, even in JetAudio, even in KMPlayer.

You can download these codecs for video playback on the official website: http://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm. There are several sets and all are free, I recommend downloading the lowest mega-package by clicking: Download Mega – Mirror 1 – Download Now.

Installing codecs on your computer is very simple. It is enough to run the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard. Basically, you need to click “Next” and “Next” everywhere.

Option number 2. Solution

The second version of events may be such that you want to watch some video on the Internet, on the same YouTube, or VKontakte, but it also does not play. The fact is that all this works using flash technology, therefore, to play videos on the Internet, we need a special Flash Player.

Read a lesson on how to install a flash player there, I told everything in great detail. But in a nutshell, then …

1. For each browser, you need to install a flash player separately, and in some it is already built-in.

2. For example, open Mozilla Firefox if you want to install a player for it and go to: http://get.adobe.com/en/flashplayer.

3. Click on the site’s yellow button “Install Now”, save the program to your computer, wait for the download, then close the browser and complete the installation.

Now go online again and try to play the video.

I hope you understand why usually the video does not play, and you have already solved your problem. Wish you luck!

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