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6 Ways to Increase Internet Speed

Believe me or not, but now I’ll tell you a bunch of options on how you can increase the speed of your Internet.

Whether or not these methods are foolish is up to you, but I warn you right away that no one forces you to read this article. But it will be interesting, I promise you!

1. Call your Internet Service Provider

If you have some weak tariff, for example, 10 megabits, then it is clear that the Internet speed will be small. Call your ISP, or go to their office and check how much the tariff will cost 50 megabits, and preferably 100. This is the most proven way to increase the speed of the Internet. I have 80 megabits and I am completely satisfied!

“Hello, hello, I have a small ** request, urgently change the tariff for 100 megabits to me, otherwise I will break into your office and solve all of this. The choice is yours, I warned. ”

If you already have a hundred megabits, but the Internet speed is poor, then again this method with a call to the provider is also suitable. We call and find out why, let’s say you have a 80 megabit tariff, but in reality you only have 10-20. Perhaps they have some problems there and they should fix them.

“Hello, hello, b ** t it’s me again. When you are a bitch, fix your shitty Internet and give a normal speed. If you do not want me to burst into you again, act with ** a. I warned you. ”

2. Disable Torrent
If you climbed into the Internet and immediately noticed that the speed is not in order, because how long the sites have been loading, then pay attention that you are not downloading anything from the Internet? UTorrent can download your entire channel if it downloads some games or movies. If it is already running, expand the window and check.

3. Disable updates
Also check if any program is being updated. Windows can be updated quietly by downloading files from the Internet, or the antivirus can update the database. Tanks also learned to update automatically. Keep this in mind!

4. Enable Opera Turbo or Yandex Turbo

If you have slow Internet, and there is no way to switch to a faster tariff, since you haven’t earned money yet, or if a civilization with high-speed Internet on optic fiber has not reached you yet, be sure to enable the Turbo function in your browser. This feature is available in the Opera and Yandex browsers.

To enable Turbo in the Opera browser, you need to press Menu and go to Settings.

Then, on the Browser tab, go down to the bottom and check the Enable Opera Turbo checkbox. In this case, the Show additional settings should already be checked on the left.

Yandex is still easier. Click on the menu and select the Enable turbo item.

5. Clear the browser of junk

The next way to increase the speed of the Internet, so that sites load faster and videos play normally, is to clean the browser from junk. It is quite possible that the first time you start Google Chrome, after buying a computer or reinstalling the system, sites load instantly, and after a few months, everything starts to slow down terribly. You need to clean the browser from garbage and trash.

Open a browser and press Ctr + H on your keyboard. On the left, click Clear History.

Here you can put all the checkboxes to remove as much trash as possible! But be careful, if you clear all this, then your saved passwords will be deleted and when you enter social networks and other sites, you will have to enter usernames and passwords again!

clear history in google chrome

If you remember all the passwords and logins from the sites you visit, then you can put all the checkmarks, indicate that you should delete all the time and click Clear History.

6. How to increase the speed of the Internet on the phone (4G, 3G, 2G, modem, Beeline, MTS, Tele2)
how to increase the speed of the Internet on the phone If you want to increase the speed of the Internet on the phone, for example, your 4G, 3G or 2G does not work well on MTS, Megafon, Beeline, and so on, then there is hardly anything to be done. Unless you can get out of the woods or from the basement, where you have a poor signal picker and slow speed, and climb somewhere higher. For example, on the 8th floor!

To the extreme, you need to get closer to the tower from which the network is caught. Then, at last, it can and will turn out to increase the Internet speed on the phone and finally update the feed on Twitter, Instagram, or finally launch a new video on YouTube.

6 Ways to Increase Internet Speed
Believe me or not, but now I’ll tell you a bunch of options on how you can increase the speed of your Internet. Whether or not these methods are foolish…


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