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Windows keyboard shortcuts! I recommend!
Hotkeys save time! So I decided to start my next article. And not in vain, because the main task of the hot keys is to save our time and, of…

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Windows keyboard shortcuts! I recommend!

Hotkeys save time! So I decided to start my next article. And not in vain, because the main task of the hot keys is to save our time and, of course, make the execution of various operations on the computer more comfortable.

Today I can not imagine my work at the computer without hot keys. Ctr + C or Ctr + T, and of the order of ten other hot keys, have become commonplace for me.

Friends, I strongly recommend everyone to start using hot keys. Of course, at first it will be unusual, and it will even take a little longer, but after a week you will use the hot keys without looking at the keyboard several times faster. Any user who uses hot keys in their work will confirm to you that this is undoubtedly convenient. Our right hand always rests on the mouse, and the left hand is near the keyboard, and it can press the necessary keys, helping the right!

So that you do not surf the Internet, in search of various hot keys, I will tell you about those that I use myself. There are quite a few of them and some of them are used in certain programs, and some anywhere. At least in the browser, at least in Photoshop. So, first things first.

Let me take turns telling you what shortcuts I use when working in Windows itself, which in browsers, Photoshop and some other programs.

Hotkeys in Windows 7 allow me to quickly switch between programs and folders, in two clicks to minimize dozens of open windows, quickly open Start and so on. Read on!

Windows keyboard shortcuts
Alt + Tab.

The Alt + Tab shortcut allows you to quickly switch between running programs and folders. Just hold Alt and press Tab several times until the desired window is selected.
Win + D.

Sometimes you work at a computer, after a while you realize that a lot of programs and folders are running, about a dozen. And you need to urgently collapse all this in order to gain access to the desktop. Well, do not press the button ten times to collapse? NO! There is a key combination Win + D, by clicking which all windows will be minimized right away.


Just pressed the Win key allows you to open the “Start”. I wanted to open something in Start, pressed the Win key on the keyboard, and already launched the necessary program with the mouse. In my opinion, not bad.

Ctr + A – highlight.
Ctr + X – cut.
Ctr + C – copy.
Ctr + V – paste.
Ctr + Z – undo the last action.

The hot keys that you see above are used in many programs and folders. Let’s see how they can be used when working with files in a folder.

Suppose we need to select all the files in a folder, what are we doing? We hold the mouse cursor and move the mouse down until all files are selected. There is a simpler solution. Just press the key combination Ctr + A and all the files immediately become selected.

Most likely we will continue to work with the selected files, we will either copy them to a folder or cut them out. To do this, it is not necessary to select “Copy” or “Cut” through a right-click. You can press the corresponding hot keys Ctr + C or Ctr + X. And to paste them into another folder – Ctr + V.

The combination Ctr + Z cancels the last action performed. For example, if you deleted a folder, then pressing Ctr + Z, in the same place where the deletion was performed, will return it to its place.

All these hot keys, Ctr + A, X, C, V, Z, work not only in interaction with the system itself, but also in other programs. Take the same text pad, there these keys will perform the same actions, only with text. It can be cut, copied and pasted using these keys. But it is worth knowing other hot keys, for example, in notepad, to save changes just press the key combination Ctr + S.

Delete and Enter.

I delete the files I don’t need, not by clicking the right button and selecting the “Delete” item. No, I select the deleted file with the left mouse button and press the “Delete” and “Enter” keys on the keyboard. This is still faster, despite the fact that the number of clicks is the same.

It is worth saying that in Windows XP these shortcuts also work.

Keyboard shortcuts in Google Chrome
You have to spend a lot of time on the Internet. I use the Google Chrome browser for these purposes. I want to highlight a few hot keys in this program that I use.

Ctr + Tab.

With this Ctr-Tab keyboard shortcut, I switch between tabs. Usually I have two or more sites open that can be easily switched with this hotkey. But not always, quite often, in such a situation, the usual mouse click on the desired tab comes to the rescue.

Ctr + W.

They close the tab I do not need, I always use this combination: Ctr + W. I never reach for the cross.

Ctr + T.

Hotkeys in Photoshop
If you, like me, have to work in the Photoshop program, then it is worth memorizing some hot keys. And better than the ones you need. The fact is that in Photoshop there are a lot of hot keys, for almost every task. And depending on what functions you perform, those hot keys that you need to remember will depend.

The most popular keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop are:

Ctr + N – create a new document.
Ctr + Z – undo the last action.
Ctr + D – deselect.
Ctr + Alt + I – resize image.

These are some of the main shortcuts that I use every time I work in Photoshop. And I recommend that when you perform some operation, look at what its hot key is and remember for those actions that are performed very often. A hotkey is indicated next.

Each Windows program has its own hotkeys. But those that we have discussed above are usually applicable for each of them, and perform the same actions. I recommend that you do not “hammer in” this matter, and start using hot keys in your work.

Good luck.

This hotkey is needed to create a new tab.

Other browsers (Yandex.Browser, Mozilla, Opera) also have hot keys and most often they are similar or even exactly the same. So no matter what browser you have, I still recommend that you start using keyboard shortcuts.


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