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How to download music from the Internet or buy? 5 ways

Typically, a beginner, when working at a computer and on the network, the question of downloading music from the Internet appears almost the first. And this is true, where is today without music. She is in the player, in the car, on the streets, in the shops, in a word everywhere. But where to get new music from? One option is to buy or download over the Internet.

In this lesson we will look at 5 ways to download music from the Internet. You can use it all at once, but you can choose for yourself one that is most suitable and take it into service. Get to the point.

So, here are at least 5 sources that will allow you to either download, or buy or listen to absolutely any music online, of various genres.

How to download music from the Internet?
Buy an album on iTunes, Google Play, or listen online
Use the search engine Yandex or Google
Download music from social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki
Downloading albums from torrent sites
Drop from disk, phone, download from friends
buy music on itunes or google play1. The most correct way to get musical compositions is not to “download music from the Internet”, but to buy a licensed disc. If you don’t need a whole disk, and you don’t want to spend about 10-15 dollars on it, you can buy it for 3 bucks in iTunes, this is if you own an iPad tablet, or iPhone smartphone. And if you have an Android device, then you can buy music on Google Play at the same prices, or even cheaper. Naturally, before buying tracks, you can listen to pieces of songs absolutely free, usually this is the floor of a song.

Having bought certain songs once, you get the opportunity to download them to all your devices for life. Well, if these options do not suit you, you do not have iPhone or Samsung phones, then I suggest that you familiarize yourself with other ways where you can buy, download or listen to music.

2. This is probably the most standard way to download music from the Internet. Using the search engines Yandex or Google, you can search for suitable sites where users or even the artists themselves upload their compositions for further reference.

It is enough just to determine the name of the song and remember the name of its artist and enter the appropriate query in the search line. Well, in general, to be honest, what is such accurate data, because the desired song can be found even by simply writing a piece of text from the song. It’s not a fact that going to the first found site you will find a link to download the desired song, but going to the second, third and after a few minutes you will find the right one.

Very often, the official websites of musicians offer to download their songs for free, and in the case of love for the present, physical discs give the opportunity to support the “stars” by buying their licensed disc for little money.

3. A more modern way to download music from the Internet is to use social networks. This method is most common among young people, most of whom spend a lot of time on social networks. In order not to go far, ways have appeared that you can not only listen to music online, but also download it. Today, hundreds of people daily download from VKontakte, Odnoklassniki a huge amount of music.

According to the rules, it’s not possible to download songs in social networks that I know, but by installing a special program or extension for the browser, such an opportunity appears. If you have not created an account in the social. networks, then do it right now: register VKontakte, in Odnoklassniki. Read the relevant lessons, and we move on.

4. Torrent trackers are sites where people share files. It’s no secret that music spreads there too. Therefore, if you know how to use torrents, and how to download via torrent I told you in the corresponding lessons, then this option will be most convenient for you. But do not forget that all music has its own author, who spent a lot of effort on creating a song, which is why, if possible, support musicians by buying licensed discs or albums in online stores such as iTunes or Google Play. Well, we already talked about this in the first version.

5. If you do not have a permanent Internet connection, traffic is limited, or slow speed, then in this case, the options for downloading music to your computer from other devices are suitable for you. For example, if you already have music on your phone, then you can drop it on your computer, there is still a great option to ask for a disc with music and friends. Previously, I used the following scheme: I bought an empty disc and asked one of my friends to fill it with music. And thus, I had accumulated quite a few discs with songs, and I did not have to bathe with the download. This can be called a classic, as this option was heavily used before, when the Internet speed was not so high, or there was limited traffic.

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