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100 computer tips

Hello friends. Today I will not write huge articles or lessons with dozens of pictures. I just want to give you a lot of short tips that should improve your time at the computer. If you are new to computers or already a user with experience – it does not matter, everyone will find here something useful for themselves. Among so many!

Do you think I can write for you 100 computer tips? And now we will check it.

01. Be vigilant.

02. Do not stay too long at the computer.

03. Clean your PC from debris.

04. Delete files you do not need.

05. Get the benefit.

06. Play in moderation.

07. Be careful with social networks.

08. Master the computer.

09. Look for answers to any questions on the Internet.

10. Films, music and more are available for free.

11. Online shopping is much cheaper.

12. Learn new things online.

13. Master the blind typing method.

14. Learn how to reinstall the system.

15. Make sure that the laptop or system unit of the computer does not overheat.

16. Install a good antivirus, such as Avast or Kaspersky

17. Remove the flash drive safely.

18. Try to work in Total Commander, instead of the usual folders.

19. A router is a great thing; wireless internet is cool.

20. Format the new flash drives in NTFS, because the FAT is already outdated.

21. Master Photoshop – a great and necessary thing.

22. Recently, the fastest browser Google Chrome.

23. Sync bookmarks, notebooks and more, use.

24. It has long been switched to Windows 7. And you?

25. Update drivers regularly, for example with Driver Genius

26. Call via Skype worldwide for free from one computer to another.

27. Keep your passwords in a safe place, such as a USB flash drive.

28. You can close access to the site through the hosts file.

29. Unlocker can not be deleted.

30. To watch video on the Internet you need to install Flash Player.

31. Do not leave your email address at every step.

32. System Restore will return your PC to a healthy state.

33. Use the Punto Switcher’s automatic keyboard switcher.

34. Use the torrent uTorrent to download files: movies, music, programs.

35. Once every 3-4 months, open the system unit and clean it from dust.

36. Do not eat at the computer.

37. Clean your keyboard occasionally.

38. There must be order on the computer.

39. Fresh thermal grease must be applied to the processor, a radiator is installed on top.

40. Once a month, take a break from the computer, for a day, or better for two.

41. To convert videos or songs, use the Factory of Formats program.

42. Once a month, scan all your hard drives for viruses.

43. Do not leave anything on the laptop keyboard.

44. I recommend the player to view KMPlayer videos.

45. Do not store large files on the desktop.

46. ​​Make sure that there is enough free space on the system disk.

47. Do not ever send, nowhere SMS. You will not receive the code anyway.

48. Uninstall programs correctly, for example, through the Uninstall file.

49. Teach others computers, help in the work.

50. If Odnoklassniki do not work, then first check the computer for viruses.

51. Netbooks are dying, it’s better to buy a tablet or a full laptop.

52. A cooling pad for a laptop lowers its temperature.

53. I write files to disk in the free program Discs Studio.

54. The blue screen of death, if heard of this, is not at all as mortal as in words.

55. Remove unnecessary programs from startup.

56. The file can be divided into parts by the WinRAR archiver.

57. Install Windows from a bootable USB flash drive if there is no disk drive.

58. Make sure that in addition to RAM, you have a page file installed.

59. You can increase the capacity of one hard drive at the expense of another.

60. You can use a temporary mailbox for one-time purposes.

61. Turn off the Internet during a thunderstorm.

62. It is advisable not to keep the battery in the laptop when it is working on the network.

63. It is desirable to write files to disks at a minimum speed.

64. Wipe the monitor and other components of the PC with special wipes.

65. Sit upright, keep your posture.

66. SSD the latest type of disks, having installed a system on it, we will speed up the computer 3 or more times.

67. To download music from VKontakte there are various extensions for browsers.

68. You can remotely control your computer from another in the Timiver program.

69. The best version of Windows 7 is Ultimate.

70. Master the hot keys they save a lot of time.

71. They say that the MedaiGet torrent program with viruses. I do not use, but I say as I heard.

72. In the Skype settings, you can delete all your correspondence.

73. When buying a modern expensive laptop you need to remember that for the money you can buy a powerful desktop computer.

74. To connect cable TV to a computer, you need to install a TV tuner.

75. The AIMP player has a cool feature, a computer shutdown timer.

76. Deleted files fall into the trash, and are stored there for some time; if necessary, they can be restored.

77. Using Camtasia Studio, you can record video from a computer screen.

78. Files iso, mdf, mds and the like are disk images that are opened in the Damon Tools program.

79. You can create a shortcut to turn off the computer and place it on the desktop.

80. You can quickly close all programs and folders by running the Close All program.

81. On the Internet you can earn!

82. From the social. VKontakte and Odnoklassniki networks can be deleted by going to the settings.

83. On a laptop, you can configure what function will be performed by pressing the button to turn off and close the cover: sleep, complete shutdown, hibernation.

84. I’m starting to learn Windows 8, and honestly I like it.

85. Evernote is an excellent system for taking notes, where you can store all your ideas, thoughts, etc., gaining access to this from any device.

86. Sometimes do a clean and defragment your hard drive.

87. The simplest program for working with video is Windows Movie Maker.

88. The ccleaner program perfectly cleans the registry from various “garbage”.

89. Portable programs are the same programs, only slightly truncated and do not require installation.

90. gmail.com is one of the best email creation services.

91. To take a picture from a webcam, I use the program LiveWebCam.

92. Clearing the cache, temporary browser files, and more is also necessary. To keep the work stable.

93. You can always find a similar program paid, and very often with the same features.

94. Skype saves a lot of money, especially on calls abroad.

95. In Windows 8, there is no Start button, but the system does not get any worse.

96. A firewall protects your computer from network attacks. The standard windows firewall is not very good, it is better to use third-party ones, they are also often built into the antivirus.

97. If the network card built into the motherboard burns out, or simply fails, you will have to buy a separately installed slot in the PSI.

98. Files pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys, autoexec.bat can be deleted, but having done this, you can no longer boot the system. So do not delete the files: pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys and autoexec.bat.

99. Just enjoy the power of the computer and the Internet.

100. Come on inetkomp.ru.

If you, dear reader, at least 2-3 tips have become useful, then it means that I wrote this article not in vain. Dozens of people who read it will take them into service in the computer world.

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