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Nero Burning ROM – description, creating a project, recording files.

Nero is incredibly popular, even among novice users. She became widely known after the release of the fifth version. To date, the 12th version of the program has already been released. It’s worth saying right away that it has a friendly interface and great functionality.

Nero is a multimedia software package designed for transcoding videos, copying DVD discs, creating labels for discs, etc. One of the applications that comes with the package is called Nero Burning ROM, which is designed to burn discs. It is the settings of this utility that we will consider in this article.

After installing Nero Burning ROM and the first launch, the program looks like this:

Before us the main window of the program is open, there is everything you need to create a new project and write files to disks. Let’s consider in more detail.

In the upper left part of the program window, you can select CD, DVD or Blu-ray from the list. Most often, this is exactly the DVD item, which is designed to write various files to discs. The standard Windows utility uses this mode to write to discs.

Depending on your choice of DVD, CD or Blu-ray, a list below will appear for selecting a project type. By default, the first item of a DVD-ROM is almost always used, just like in Windows, in this case they write different files to disks: music, photos, videos, books, etc.

The remaining “project types”, as we see there, we have “Copy DVD”, “DVD-Video”, etc., are intended for other tasks, or for recording certain types of files.

Novice users generally do not use those types of projects.

Move on.

On the right, the recording options for the new disc are configured. Pay attention to the item “Multisession”, there are three modes.

Start multisession disc – record a certain amount of data on a disc with the option to write if there is space left.

Continue multisession disk – you can add data with a non-closed session and free disk space.

No multisession – data will be written to disk without the possibility of recording. Even if there will be half or more free space on it.

The first option is installed by default, and it is most often used, since it is more flexible. Now let’s click the “New” button.

The main window for burning to Nero Burning ROM will open.

It is divided into two parts, on the left is the disk structure and all the files added there that will be written to the disk, and on the right we see folders and files on our hard drives, which can be dragged to the left side of the program for later recording.

After adding the necessary files at the top of the program there is a “Record” button to go to the next step.

Here we need to configure some parameters for recording. As you probably noticed here are two parameters with settings, these are Action and Record. Each has several points where you need to put or remove the checkmarks.


Determine the maximum speed – by checking the box here, the program will determine the maximum speed with which you can write files to the disc.

Recording – there must be a tick here to start recording files.

Finalize disc – prohibits further recording to the disc.

Check recorded data – after recording, the program checks everything recorded for errors.


Recording speed – the speed at which recording will be made. I do not recommend choosing the maximum speed, since the risk of recording with errors increases, it is better to set the average.

Number of copies – if you specify more than one copy here, then at the end of the recording, the drive will open and you will need to insert an empty disc for re-recording, and so on until as many copies as you specified in this field are recorded.

Use multiple recorders – if you have several drives, you can write files to several discs at once.

At the very bottom of the program there is a “Burn” button, by clicking on which file recording will begin.

In terms of functionality, of course, in Nero, writing files is much better than in the standard Windows 7 utility, take at least the ability to check the recorded data. But then there is a huge minus – Nero is still quite an expensive program. And on the other hand, you can find quite good analogues that can be used to qualitatively burn files to disk.

Nero Burning ROM - description, creating a project, recording files.
Nero is incredibly popular, even among novice users. She became widely known after the release of the fifth version. To date, the 12th version of the program has already been…


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