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Which processor is installed? How to find out the temperature of the processor?

Hello. In this article we will talk about processors, or rather I will tell you how to find out which processor is installed on your computer, as well as how to find out the temperature of the processor.

In addition, you can find out all the details of your processor: the size of the memory cache, the name of the core, the physical number of cores, you can adjust the speed of rotation of the cooler and much more.

And two wonderful free programs called CPU-Z and SpeedFan will help us in this matter. You need to find and install these programs.

Video lesson: View processor temperature

Which processor is installed?
Run the program CPU-Z. And we see that on the first tab “CPU” everything is about our processor: name, code name, core frequency, bus speed and a bunch of other information.

Now we know which processor is installed, as well as all other information about it. On other tabs we can see information about other components.

As you can see, with this little utility, we can find out everything about the motherboard, RAM, video card, etc. But this is not about that.

We will continue our topic, now we need to learn how to monitor the temperature of the processor.

How to find out the temperature of the processor?
The second program, SpeedFan, will help us in this, install it and launch it. She will immediately scan the system sensors and show the temperature. Finding here where the processor temperature is displayed is very simple, at the very bottom there is a line of Core and next to two digits.

This is our processor temperature. In my case, it is 41 degrees. You can find out the maximum allowable temperature for your processor on the box in which you bought it, or on the manufacturer’s website to search. I have 40 degrees, I think this is quite acceptable, the critical state is still far away.

CPU fan speed
The processor fan speed in the program can be increased or decreased to reduce computer noise, this is done with the help of regulators. But do not indulge with this thing, otherwise something may start to overheat! By the way, this feature is not available on all computers. Depends on motherboards.

This lesson is over, now you can easily find out which processor is installed on any of the computers, as well as its temperature!


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