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How to protect a flash drive from breakage? Tips for repairing flash drives!

It seems to me that the flash drive is one of the most amazing inventions. Thanks to the flash drive, we can carry dozens of films, hundreds of different songs, books and other information. The flash drive is so small that you can lose it even in your pocket!

But sooner or later, many begin to have problems with flash drives. It is buggy, does not read information, or does not write, the computer does not see it, and much more. It will be a shame if on a flash drive important information is stored in a single copy.

Suddenly the flash drive will stop working? In this article I want to give you advice that will protect you from such force majeure situations.

I hope the following tips will help you in the prevention of your flash drives and their repair.

When buying a new USB flash drive, immediately pay attention to quality. What it is made of, how durable. They may have a housing made of plastic, metal, rubber. A huge number of flash drives today does not rivet neatly, and have a very fragile body. Having missed such a storage medium, contacts can easily be broken. Of course, you can still repair and save the data, but if the memory chip breaks. Then it will not fit anywhere, it remains only to throw it away.


If the flash drive is not damaged in appearance, but the data is not read or written, then most likely the media is logically defective. Most likely a problem with the file system. Most often, this occurs when the flash drive is suddenly disconnected from the USB port, for example, during data transfer. On the Internet you can find a bunch of programs that will help you recover data on a flash drive, the logical system that is damaged. Also, with a higher probability, programs will be able to restore the media itself.


If the computer sees a USB flash drive, but information is read from time to time with errors, then copy important data to the computer. After that, format the flash drive. Errors on the flash drive may be due to, for example, viruses on it.


Very often, flash drives fail with unstable power supplies. The cases of flash drives do not have a normal heat sink, and with prolonged use they can heat up, subsequently the case, or parts of the flash drive itself can melt. To avoid such problems, the computer must be well grounded.


If nothing helps in solving the problem of reading information with errors, then the reason may lie in the deterioration of memory. USB sticks generally withstand about ten thousand write cycles. Roughly speaking, this is enough for about two years. So the ideal option would be to change the flash drive every couple of years, but this is with the constant use of the flash drive. If a USB flash drive is rarely used, then it will last much longer.

If the information on the flash drive is recorded once, then it will be possible to read it constantly, and it will work perfectly.

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