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Blue screen. Check disk or screen of death?

Most likely you have noticed more than once that when the computer crashes at the next boot, a blue screen appears, and there are a lot of obscure English words on it.

Has this happened? Sure yes!

At the sight of such a state of their computer, beginners are usually scared. But this is not always so scary. In this article, we will analyze two types of blue screen and deal with the situation of why they appear and how they can be dangerous.

First, consider the appearance of these blue screens. As I said, the main ones that can appear when working at a computer are two.


If you have such a blue screen, then you should not particularly worry. It appears most often when the computer is turned off incorrectly, for example, when we turned it off, not through “Start – Turn off the computer”, but from the wall outlet or during power outages.

There is nothing to worry about. After the next boot of the computer, a special program for checking disks is launched. It is built into Windows, has the name Chkdsk, and starts automatically after computer crashes, an example of which we examined just above.

What does the Chkdsk program do?

It checks the hard drive for errors and corrects them, if any, and they could just happen if the computer crashed.

The disk verification procedure takes place in five stages, at each stage we can see the progress in percent.

If you have a blue disk check screen, it’s better to just wait until the Chkdsk program checks the disks for errors and if they are, then fix it, although you can interrupt this procedure if you press the Esc key immediately after the screen appears.

But I do not recommend interrupting this process of checking disks, as errors may remain in the file system of the hard disk.

If such a blue screen rarely appears in you, then I don’t see a reason to worry, but if it often occurs, I would definitely recommend that you back up important data, try reinstalling the system, and, in extreme cases, changing the hard drive.

Now let’s move on to the second blue screen.

They call it the “blue screen of death”:

blue screen of death

The blue screen of death most often appears suddenly when working at the computer and indicates that there is some kind of system error that Windows cannot fix itself. To avoid more serious problems, Windows disconnects itself and a blue screen of death appears. In this case, we can only restart the computer by pressing the Reset button on the system unit.

In some cases, a few seconds after the blue screen appears, it may reboot itself. When such a screen appears, all the data that we have not currently been saved: Word documents, text in notepad, etc. unfortunately will be lost.

When a blue screen of death occurs, the system tells us the error code, because of which it arose, so that we ourselves can try to fix the problem. But it is unlikely that we ourselves can solve this problem, especially if we are new to these matters, since even for an advanced user it is difficult.

It is worth saying that when such a blue screen occurs, the system writes the error code to a special system log and creates a special file, and it puts all the data in it, where the problem is described in detail. This may be needed by a specialist who will solve the problem.

Let’s look at the most common reasons why a blue screen of death occurs. This may be due to drivers. For example, when instead of relatives some others are installed and they are not compatible with the operating system or our equipment. Also, the cause may be overheating of components or incorrect operation of programs.

Here we will not touch on all the details of the analysis of various error codes, the cause of which is the occurrence of a blue screen of death, because this is a very big topic and not at all for beginning computer users.

But if you still decide to figure out yourself why you have such a blue screen, then you need to write down the error code the next time the blue screen of death appears, and start searching the Internet.

If you encounter such an error, then I am sure that someone else has already had it. Read on the Web what people write on the forums that they recommend, which may cause a blue screen with an error like yours.

If you do not have time to write down the error code due to the fact that the computer immediately reboots, then you need to make sure that it does not.

To do this, we right-click on the Mock computer icon, select Properties from the list that appears.

In the window that opens, go to the Advanced tab, in the Download and Restore section, click the Options button.

In the window that opens, uncheck the box next to Perform automatic reboot, make sure that the other parameters are set as in the picture and then click OK.

Now our computer will crash and the blue screen of death will not restart.

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